In the atmosphere of joy for everyone, which Christmas is approaching, on November 23rd (local time in the United States), Sanzi Art Gallery held a grand opening reception at Laguna Beach. A number of community leaders, including CFO of China Huarong Energy Company Limited, Shaojian Wang; San Marino Lions Club President, Vivian Lu; Principal at A+K Architects, Tein Wang etc. came to the scene to send sincere congratulations and witnessed this resplendent vision feast.

Sanzi Art Gallery has set up in Shanghai and Beijing as well as in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. There also have special cooperation institutions in New York and Miami in the United States. However, it is the first time to set up a special exhibition hall for the works of Mr. Sanzi in Laguna, Los Angeles. The reason why Laguna is chosen is that Laguna Beach is the place of gathering many artists, and many various types of art festivals are held every year. Besides, it is also to let more people see and understand the works of Mr. Sanzi.

Mr. Sanzi, whose work style is unique and cordial, is the most eye-catching contemporary painter in China. His works created with the comprehensive performance skills of Western painting and the cultural elements of Chinese Taoism, which can instantly bring the audience to a realm like a fairy. In this exhibition, there are more than 30 works of Mr. Sanzi has been shown out. All the guests have a great interest in his works. Not only the aestheticism of his works but also the strong Chinese Taoist philosophy reflected in his works, all these make the audiences intoxicated! Mr. Sanzi has plenty of bosom friends and collectors from all over the world. His philosophy remark of " Before the age of 40 is Confucianism and after the age of 40 is Taoism" has been widely recognized in China. The unity of humanity and nature in his works has deeply influenced the talented and visionary European and American, thus, which has further promoted the international recognition of Taoist culture.