We informed from Mr. Chung the broker of Mr. Sanzi at Singapore, that 5 pieces of Mr. Sanzi’s works were stolen yesterday. The works were stolen when they were transported from the Singapore Contemporary Art Show to the Malaysia gallery. And this is the second time that Mr. Sanzi’s works were stolen after one of his porcelain works was stolen at Europe last February.

At the end of last month, his works was exhibited in the first Singapore Contemporary Art Show and gained very warm response. And shortly after the opening, one of his classical works called< Persimmon Harvest> was sold out.(link of the news:http://sanzi.artron.net/news_detail_816120)However, we got the news yesterday that the remaining 5 other works was stolen on the way back to the Malaysia exhibition hall. It is almost the same case with that one of his porcelain works was stolen at Europe last year.At the same time of last year, one of his porcelain work was stolen on the way to London when it finished the exhibition at Reims Museum France.  (link of news:http://sanzi.artron.net/news_detail_716062)

Atfer his porcelain work was stolen last year. Mr. Sanzi himself is peaceful and kind. “Don’t put too much pressure on the organizer. The thieves are some crazy fans of my works……” he said then. It is really the best way for Sanzi to explain what the Daoism is as he is a Daoism believer. The stolen event happened yesterday involve a higher value than it happened last year. Mr.Chung, the broker of Mr. Sanzi, has reported to the local police. 

No matter how lenient Mr. Sanzi is, we hope that the police and other departments can pay more attention to the works from the artists and hope that the police can find out the truth and help Mr. Sanzi to get his works back. Hope that this case will never happened again.