Mr. Sanzi get Taipei at the end of August to attend the conference with his fans after the solo exhibition.

In the conference, Mr. Sanzi explain his works and creative ideas for his fans and the press.

The theme of Mr. Sanzi’s works is the Chinese traditional philosophical theory---the Taoism theory. Especially the Taoism theory of Lao Zi from more than 2700 years ago.

Mr. Sanzi said, many people feel happy and relaxed after watching his works. He thinks the reason why they feel happy is just from one word---simpleness. Everyone can get the simple life and happiness through the simple life-style. Mr. Sanzi is just express the simpleness by the means of painting.

Mr. Sanzi think the <Tao Te Ching> is a book which can tell you how to find happiness in your life. He said: Tao is the natural law and Te is the life-style how can you get along with the nature.

When talking about the small white figure in his works, Mr. Sanzi explains that the figure is just a symbol. They have no face, no sex. They are humans. The figures in his works are all in white because Mr. Sanzi thinks the white is the most pure color. You can only paint other colors on the white.

About the creative techniques, Mr. Sanzi told us that artist use their brush to paint all the texture of rocks and mountains in the traditional Chinese ink painting. But he use the materials in a new way to do that. He breaks the habit to paint on the canvas. He paints the rocks and mountains which just like the relief.

There is a story behind every piece of his works.

In the piece <Ask the fall>, we can find the traditional story “Meeting bosom friend at a high mountain with floating” what happened in In the Jin Dynasty(226-420). And in the piece < Oracles in the bamboos>, we can know it’s the story of” Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove” what is also happened in the Jin Dynasty. The pried Jin Dynasty is a very important time for Taoism. The sapiential theory influence a lot of intellectual then. Mr. Sanzi thinks that the Taoism is a wonderful theory, and it will certainly influence the people now and future. He hopes people can get a higher level in their mind!