<The Wind from the Heaven· Taoism>---Mr. Sanzi’s solo exhibition at Taipei

The Art Revolution Taipei in May has already rang down the curtain. But the artist Mr. Sanzi and his works are causing a “Sanzi Upsurge” at Taiwan!

   http://sanzi.artron.ne t/news_detail_739587

(Link :<Quickly Sold Out---Mr. Sanzi’s artworks in fifth Art Revolution Taipei 2015>)

After the fifth Art Revolution Taipei. Mr. sanzi was invited by many parties, and he decided that he will do a one month-long exhibition at Taiwan. The exhibition is named.And it is hosted by the” 2Gather Art”, joint with “X-Power Gallery”.


(Link: The report about Mr. Sanzi’s solo exhibition at Taiwan by “24HOURS ATISIC EXPOSITION”)


                                Poster of Mr. sanzi's solo exhibition at Taipei

This Exhibition will exhibit about 37 works. Include the latest works < Amazed by the perfume>, < Wintersweet flicker> , the classical works< The dancing snow• everything but me>,< The eulogy of pear flowers> and so on.

Comparing with The Fifth Art Revolution Taipei, this exhibition will have more new works. And the artistic conception of the works will be more beautiful! It is a sincere feedback to the fans from Mr. Sanzi, which will surly become a spectacle of art for the Fans of Mr. Sanzi.

                Poster of Mr. sanzi's solo exhibition at Taipei

Sponsor: 2Gather Art

Co-organizer: X-Power Gallery 

Exhibition Time: 2015-08-01~2015-08-31

Curtain Time: 2015-08-15

Site: B1F,207 North Dunhua road Taipei