Tao.BackingThe Exhibition of Sanzis Painting In Beijing Song Zhuang

Spring Breeze stroking the green,the opening exhibition of acknowledge artist Sanzi will be hold in Beijing Song Zhuang Himalaya Gallery. This will be a new permanent exhibition hall following the ShanghaiNew YorkMiamiParisSingapore and kuala Lumpur ‘s Galleries.

These detailed address is Mr Sanzi’s art work show place:

上海展厅:上海市普陀区莫干山路50M50 4A-102#107


纽约展厅:231 Tenth Avenue New York, NY10011

迈阿密展厅:313 1/2 Worth Ave  - Via Bice Palm Beach, FL 33480

巴黎展厅:10 Rue de Picardie 75003 Paris 

新加坡展厅:Pte Ltd1 Kaki Bukit Road 1# 01-11 Singapore 415934