The real <Vinci> in our life

            -----the stolen porcelain of Mr. Sanzi

It is reported that one of a porcelain work from the famous Chinese contemporary artist Mr. Sanzi was stolen when it was transported to London after exhibiting at Lance museum in France!

Mr. Sanzi's works are exhibiting at Lance museum

The stolen porcelain work of Mr. Sanzi

But Mr. Sanzi himself is peaceful and kind, he said that “Don’t give the organizer too much pressure. I think maybe the thieves fall in love with my works, they are just some crazy fans of my works……”.

When exhibiting at Lance museum in France, Mr. Sanzi’s works are very popular with the French press and people(so popular that be stolen?).It is just like the movie <Vinci> happened in our real life. There are some works from several artists that were transported to London together with Mr. Sanzi’s, but Mr.Sanzi’s work is the only stolen one,we can see how charming his works are(one of his little porcelain works has been auctioned as the price of  HKD13,0000 at last month).Because of Mr. Sanzi’s kindness and magnanimous, that decrease the troubles of the organizer.

  Da Vinci's work< Lady with an Ermine > in the movie

According to English LAR company’s statistics, the thefts of art workd happened in UK are more than any other countries and even the twice of the second country—USA. The art work thieves like some famous artists’ works mostly, Picasso is at the first of their list. From the statistics, we know that there are about 7500 works which were stolen and 572 of them are from Picasso. Joan Miró, Dali, Andy Warhol and Henri Matisse are all the first 10 members in the thieves’ list.

Picasso's works which was stolen

Mr. Sanzi are the only Chinese artist that is agented by the famous American gallery--Taglialatella Galleries. The most famous Pop artist Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and the sadness artist Andrew Wyeth are all from this gallery(which also cooperated with Picasso ).At Miami Basel Art Fair 2011,Mr.Sanzi’s works are exhibited together with the works of Andrew Wyeth, Jeff Koons and Andrew Wyeth. And his works has a great vogue then. Mr. Sanzi is also the first ones who popularize the Chinese traditional Daoism culture around the world by painting.

Now the local polices are holding on this case. We hope that the related departments can improve the security of artworks because the works are all from painstaking effort of the artists.