Appreciation of Sanzi's artwork


‘Everything has its Tao, is limit one, world and natural themselves are the ultimate.’ I felt about generosity when I first saw sanzi's artwork. Like every piece of work has its vitality, Not publicize or vanity, but just growing up in silence. What we saw is not the beginning but the process. Cloud series, pure oil painting, and colorful oil painting, those three series seems to express the state of the three kinds of mind. Tao, heart just calm down, still can feel the impact of the surrounding environment, also with an unclear direction. Dust was all full of the air, cross the corner of the earth, Asking about Tao and seeking the source, Go with wind and Watching clouds. When the heart was completely settle down, nothing left but the silence, the world became white & black and a gradually clear light. <Opening sky>,<Original sky>,<Stretching sky>,Perception of nature is as enlightenment as the sunshine after the rain. Tao , starting now. After exploring through the endless dark, suddenly comprehend, looking back and discovering everything is as beautiful as the original. With the morning frost, Listening to the Pine wind, Chrysanthemum is whispering, Beautiful jade is here, See cherry blossoms falling down, Dating with pear flower, Red plum blossom, Reach again, Autumn stop, The pure of plum blossom, Beauty changes as the season changes, and never stop as a circle. Earth has been covered by snow, and moon was the same as a hook.


Whether it is under the misty mountain or fantastic pines, in the spring water, on the river, on top of walls, in the romantic poetry anthologies. His paintings always have some literates who are wearing white clothing as his symbol, like Wei and Jin dynasties romantic brilliant scholar, or like scholar-officials who are above politics and outside of congress like Su Shi, also like celestial beings who live in the mountains. They travel with companions, sitting on the cliff, walking with crutches, playing music casually or traveling in boats. All the people in his paintings wear white clothing. We cannot see any fold in their clothing and their expression. We just can feel how small we are in the vast universe. Like Su Shi’s<The cliff wall>said: Spend our short life between heaven and earth, we are very tiny just like one grained wheat in the ocean. Bemoaned our short life, envy the endless Chankiang River.


<Cream-Red> is my favorite, maple leaves all over the painting, disengaged literates who are wearing white clothes. They travel with companions, walking with crutches. Water is like Infinity, Great virtue can carry all things. The scenery is loosely and generous, not only performed the magnificent natural, but also performed the valuable mood like literates, as if walking in the heaven. But heaven is in our hearts, not somewhere we can find.’ I learned from my heart, my heart learned from my eyes, my eyes learned from Hua Mountain.’ Taoism in Sanzi’s heart, what is Taoism? World and natural themselves are the ultimate.